Melissa Murray is an image architect and style expert. She offers practical guidance to high achievers designed to strengthen their image, presence, style, influence, and most importantly their confidence in high stakes situations.

Melissa transforms her client’s image to give them a competitive advantage by teaching them how to navigate their personal and professional brand. She expertly blends each client’s visual impression with the message they’re delivering, balancing image with brand for pitch-perfect delivery and success on camera, at appearances, and helps them become recognizable within their industry. She prepares each client’s personal brand and wardrobe to meet the challenge of gaining influence in their chosen industry and has been instrumental in the success of many high-profile media and corporate professionals.

Her clients can frequently be seen on national media outlets including:  ABC, Bloomberg TV, CBS, CCTV, FOX, Dr. Oz, Good Morning America and NBC and have been featured in Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Forbes, Fortune, Huffington Post, Inc, People Magazine, Success Magazine, The New York Post, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Washington Post, Washington Times and many more.  Stephanie Arnold on Fox & Friends

As an industry influencer, keynote speaker and podcast host, Melissa delivers a straight forward and no-nonsense approach to appearance, perception and preparation. Awarded ‘Best of iTunes’ in New and Noteworthy categories and ‘Top 50 Influencers’ in New Business Podcasts, host Melissa spotlights experts who offer guidance to high achievers in high stakes situations. She has been a featured expert for NBC, Fox News, iHeart Media, ESPN Radio, theZmedia, KPRi 102.1, Global Leadership Network, Fashion Institute of Technology, Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Women Connect4Good, Orange County Register, Ladies Who Launch, San Diego Women’s Week and many more.

Melissa is certified by only one of eight Image Masters in the world. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Melissa spent years as an accomplished and award winning Vice President of Sales, Vice President of Performance Solutions, and Vice President of Marketing & Development. By combining her corporate business and image expertise, Melissa has created a solid portfolio of techniques that make her a trusted advisor and intricate part of her client’s success.

She is one of the most authentic people I’ve ever met. Melissa is modern without being trendy, classy without being stuffy, direct without ever being hurtful. Each individual matters to her on a personal level and her discretion is absolute.”  – Elizabeth Baker, President of E. Baker Industries, Ltd.

Melissa has had the pleasure of serving the following organizations:

Melissa holds a BA in Communications from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas. She lives in Southern California with her fiancé, Richard, and their pooch-a-licious, Maddie. She enjoys traveling, playing golf, gardening, fishing, boating, decorating, cooking, working out, hiking and creating new memories with friends & family.

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Hear what Melissa’s clients have to say about her approach and philosophy! 

“Melissa you see the beauty and potential in others that they can’t see in themselves. You see beyond what they see of their own foibles and physical narrative.  You give people access to allow them to see their own beauty. You make people feel beautiful in themselves, in their own skin. You do not take people and turn them into something else with clothes and accessories, you take people and turn them into themselves with clothes and accessories.” – Heidi Hutchison, Founder and Principal, Tau Consulting Group

“I love Melissa for many reasons, but professionally because she knows where to draw the line and tell you, “NO! You Can’t Wear That because you’ll look like a baboon and THAT is a reflection on ME!” We know when we’ve crossed the “Melissa Line.” Otherwise, she’s a gentle soul and a ton of fun!” – Robin Marshall, Author & National Voiceover Talent

“She’s a warm, energetic, generous, supportive and super fun person – you just want to hang out with her! She approaches all of her speaking engagements and projects with intelligence and a high level of professionalism.  She’s a beautiful person, inside and out!” – Vivian Sayward, President of Vivacity Sportswear

“Melissa is extremely professional, performing at the highest standards and she knows how to trigger a positive and healthy Narcissism! In all seriousness, she offers you the gift of extracting your deepest gem so you can shine.” – Lamia Merabet

“She is genuine, classy and knows her purpose. She handles her business with grace and tact. She will give you the tools to lift you up and feel confident when you are navigating your business. I sincerely appreciate everything Melissa has done for me and I consider her a wonderful advisor and friend!” – Doug Castino, CEO Raceway Taxi

“People love Melissa because she meets them where they are, and brings them to where they need to be.  She understands beauty from the inside out and makes anyone she works with feel like a million bucks.  She makes the revitalization of your image and brand a fun adventure, and one that produces results.” – Kristin Andress, President of Andress Consulting, Author & Speaker

“Melissa is REAL and GENUINE…and FUNNY as hell! She tells it like it is….but with love; both professionally and personally. She is reliable…if you need something…that amazing woman is there!” – Lori Westbay

“Melisa is classy, sexy, upscale and has a great heart. Melissa will give you the truth in a way that you want to learn more– she is someone who can help you look into yourself and learn more about your own message to the outside world…And what you should look like and emote when you speak your message.” – Barbara Burton, President of The Burton Company

“Melissa is honest, generous, loyal, compassionate, inquisitive, amazingly creative and has a fun playful spirit.” – Lisa Torcasio, President of Torcasio Sales & Marketing

“Melissa has this warm infectious energy that is radiant. She is an amazing listener and very loyal. She is  beautiful inside and out and full of soul.” Dawn Elle Davis, Founder of Live in Your Light