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How to build and brand your image.

Is Your Style Killing Your Charisma

As a featured panelist at the Connected Women of Influence (CWI) CEO / Executive Panel Forum, I was asked to speak and share my views on the topic of Charisma: The “It” Factor, Who Has It, Who Doesn’t and Why You Should Want This in Your Business. In this post-CEO Panel Forum video, I share more »

Women in Commercial Real Estate Ask “What to Wear”

Several weeks ago I was the keynote speaker at the Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW) Board Retreat. These wildly savvy executive women were on fire and were there to step up their game! No subjects were off limits and beyond the laughter, we had some important dialogue that every woman in the business world needs to more »

Entrepreneurs Need to Turn Up the Volume with Their Personal Brand

From working in the corporate world to owning your own business – there is a major transition in building your own personal brand that compliments and completes your business brand. First, let me say congratulations to stepping out on your own. Whether you are an entrepreneur, solopreneur or running a big business, you now have more »

Your Personal Brand Wake Up Call

Your Personal Brand - Will You Make The Time

This week I had a client consultation with a wildly successful female entrepreneur. She is a force to be reckoned with who just completely rebranded her company and felt like she needed to also rebrand herself. I love it when people take the necessary steps to elevate their success to even greater heights. When people more »

Nothing Butt The Naked Truth

Nothing Butt The Naked Truth

Time to strip it down and get real! I hear people say frequently, “I’ll do my videos and photo shoot as soon as I lose those last 10 lbs.” Take a cue from industry leaders and media personalities – they hire people to help camouflage those extra unwanted pounds and accentuate your greatest attributes. Remember, more »

What does your headshot say about you?

What does Your Headshot Say About You?

This is one of my favorite subjects—You and Your PROFESSIONAL Photo! Do you need one—NO, you need 5-10! And yes, they should be current! I recommend that my clients have a photo shoot at least once a year or at the very least every 1 ½ years. Why? Because you are THE INDUSTRY EXPERT and more »